Lily Allen - Who’d Have Known (DL)

Today, I’ve decided to share my favorite Lily Allen song. But first, some thoughts on embarrassment.

I realized recently that I’m a Mark Wahlberg fan. I wasn’t aware of it, I’m certainly not proud of it, but it turns out I’ve seen every single movie he’s ever been in — many of them in theatres. I also watch the show “Fringe” — I find that pretty embarrassing. People have tried to tell me that it’s a perfectly respectable show, but I feel like they’re wrong, and that they revealed something really embarrassing about themselves by defending it. I also really like Fiona Apple. I would never play her music in the company of anyone else, and before I started this paragraph I made it so that my tumblr posts no longer show up in my Facebook feed, but I genuinely like all of Fiona Apple’s albums.

I don’t understand why Lily Allen seems to have avoided that stigma in the public eye. What is different about her? More than once, while scrolling through a friend’s mp3 player, I’ve had them bashfully warn me that I might find a Taylor Swift album (I have it as well). Somehow Lily Allen never garnered that association, and I feel like she should have, and I find that discrepancy really interesting. Anyway.

Attached is my favorite Lily Allen song, “Who’d Have Known.” I like it, quite simply, because for the first time she sounds happy. She’s not bitching about men, she’s not griping about her unsatisfying sex life, she’s…in love. I know it sounds corny (believe me, everything about this post embarrasses me), but given how honest and autobiographical her lyrics tend to be, it’s nice to hear that, for once, she really seems to be enjoying life. And while I feel like it might be embarrassing to admit that I care about Lily Allen’s psychological well-being, I also feel like that’s probably the least embarrassing thing I’ve admitted today.

Also, when I stay home sick and no else one is around, I like to curl up with a blanket and watch romantic comedies. You now know 90% of my secrets.